Components of the Automobile.

The automobile consists of three basic parts: the power plant, the chassis and the body. The power plant or engine is the source of power that makes the car wheels rotate and the car move. It includes the electric, fuel, cooling and lubricating systems. The chassis consists of a power train and a frame with axles, wheels and springs. The chassis includes the brake system and the steering system as well. The power train carries the power from the engine to the car wheels. It consists of the clutch, the gear box, the propeller shaft, the rear axle, and the Components of the Automobile. final drive, etc. The body has a hood, fenders and accessories: a heater, lights, a radio, a windshield wiper, a convertible top raiser and so on. The body is designed to contain and protect not only the engine and other car components, but it provides protection to the occupants from wind, dust, cold, and rain as well. To guide the car it is necessary to have some means of turning the front wheels, so the car can be pointed in the direction required. The steering wheel in front of the driver is connected by the gears and levels to the front Components of the Automobile. wheels for this purpose. The front wheels are on the pivots so they can be swung to the left or right. The brakes are necessary to slow or stop the car. They are the most important mechanisms on the car. Upon their proper work the safety and lives of people riding in the car depend. Most braking systems are hydraulic. But many vehicles now use power brakes. The frame is the structural center of some vehicles. It provides support for engine, body, wheels and power train members. It is usually made of U-shaped sections. These U-shaped sections Components of the Automobile. are carefully shaped and then welded or riveted together. Cross members reinforce the frame and also provide support for the engine and wheels. The frame is extremely rigid and strong. It can withstand the shock blows, vibrations and other strains to which it is put on the road. The engine is attached to the frame in three or four points. Noise and some vibrations are inherent in engine operation. To prevent this noise the engine is insulated from the frame by some form of a rubber pad at each point of support.

What does the automobile Components of the Automobile. consist of?

What does the power plant include?

What does the chassis consist of?

The power train carries the power from the engine to the car wheels, doesn’t it?

What is the body designed for? 83

What is it necessary to guide the car?

Are the brakes the most important mechanisms on the car?

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